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Anders Karlsson is a Swedish motivational speaker in sales, direct sales and Think and Grow Rich success principles of Napoleon Hill.

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is the world’s most widely read book on the subject of success. It's the first book you should read if you want to be successful. Anders conveys the principles and messages about how to think for success.


Anders is a keynote speaker at a lot of events, but he also conducts sales, direct sales and leadership trainings for companies and organisations.


With Anders you will have a lot of fun while listening to empiric knowledge about how to influence people and get better at what you do. It´s always a new experience - No seminar is like another.


Starting out with selling doors 1998, Anders quickly realized his gift in building relationships and making sales was much more unique than just being good at math and did quit his studies at the University (after just passing the first exam in Discrete mathematics). Some people said he was crazy since he was one of the 4 in the class of 117 people that passed it but Anders believed you had be even more crazy not listening to your heart and did finish the studies and started his first venture of building up a Direct Sales organisation. A few years later he had an organisation with over 15,000 people.

Being recognized for his talent by the famous entrepreneur, Johan Staël von Holstein brought him into the arena of TV and media by participating in the Swedish version of “The Apprentice” broadcasted on TV3. Even though fame and glory was not what Anders was looking for, it was an opportunity to get known. Soon Anders open seminars was sold out, even without any speaking agency.  More companies started to contact him for exclusive seminars to get their organisation to listen to his message about how success and the principles of Napoleon Hill had changed his life and could change theirs. How to turn your mediocre sales results and become the top seller in your company. Why your past does not equal your future and how to become successful in what you do whatever the circumstances.